15th Eva Seeds’ birthday


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We’re celebrating! It’s Eva Seeds’ 15th anniversary!

Do you want to know how it all started? Do you know the first strains of Eva Seeds? When did our passion for cannabis begin?

Find out already in the next post:

Eva Seeds 15th Anniversary – 15 years growing with you

Eva Seeds, how it all started:

Our history as a seed bank officially started 15 years ago, thanks to Toni, our CEO and main breeder, but our passion for Cannabis dates back much further… by the late 70s we could find our “boss “between plants larger than him.

It must be said that his curiosity about cannabis started somewhat earlier than recommended 🙂 but this made him interested in how to grow it, its components, asking questions and finding answers.

Information on cultivation in those years, the 70-80s, was really scarce or almost nil. Toni literally explains to us how “I had to look for information in photocopied books that were passed from hand to hand among the few amateur growers there were at that time.”

Keep in mind that at that time there were not internet at homes, so don’t existed the cannabis forums, cultivation guides or blogs, so those who wanted to learn about cultivation only had their experience and not many more.

As the years passed and he gained more and more experience, becoming interested in the characteristic aromas of each plant and also in the homemade extracts, which he and some of his friends made and discovered that they were often of higher quality than what they could buy.

And it is that the concern to find different and special strains was already beginning to sprout in him and around him as if it were about finding the “hidden treasure”.

For this reason, little by little, he began to search for and exchange seeds on all the trips he could make, exchange genetics with other growers, cross them between them and start to find true jewels that later gave rise to strains of the catalog.

cannabis seedbank
Our CEO Toni, in the late 70s, in one of the first crops he had with his friends.

Cannabis in Spain, the 90s:

The industry gradually began to awaken in Spain, probably due to the influence of the Dutch coffeeshops and seed banks. With this, the number of cannabis users and growers in the country was also increasing progressively (since until the majority consumed hashish, since it was what was sold on the black market).

At that time, the majority of seeds that could be found in Dutch stores were: regular (so males and females were born, losing half the harvest) and expensive (since there were few seed producers).

Later, some Dutch banks began to offer feminized seeds, most of them from hermaphroditism (because at that time the method used today was not used), which generated offspring with a hermaphrodite tendency (hence the unjustified bad reputation that has persecuted feminized seeds for years).

Toni already had too many mother plants and he thought that if he made feminized seeds, he could easily conserve and share his genetics.

All this things, made him realize the need for growers to be able to obtain feminized seeds made by methods that ensure a stable, high-quality offspring and, above all, available to anyone.

A few years later, given the success of the seeds, decided to share it with the entire world and create Eva Seeds, one of the first Spanish banks with feminized seeds.

We love to see our “family albums” from time to time and remember how it all started.

The first seed banks in Spain:

Years later they began to announce the first cannabis exhibitions or expos in Spain and also in our city! (Barcelona).

It was quite an achievement, the cannabis industry was beginning to have visibility and the concept of “cannabis industry” was beginning to be visualized.

The Dutch seed banks had presence in the few grow shops that existed at the time, but the expos were a great showcase. It was a time to show the work done over years, to start sharing all those genetics that were so good experiences had generated in him and around him.

Toni explains how he remembers the first expos, in which you could look around and there were only Dutch banks and the first Spanish seed banks (us), Dinafem, Cannabiogen, …

He still feels the emotion of the first cannabis cup he won, the first prize of the first edition of the Cannabis Champions Cup. It must be said that in the beginning, without external influences, everything was much more pure and despite being a competition, in the air you could see a union created by the same passion.

Year after year, Eva Seeds was collecting the fruits that she sowed in her beginnings, starting to be in different countries, receiving awards in many cups and, the most importantly, reaching the hearts of many growers.

Literally Toni says: “Who was going to tell us, that 15 years later everything would grow so much, that our seeds were going to be grown even on the Rapanui Island (Patagonia)”.

The seed that we germinated that day among all, today has become a great tree.

cannabis in strange places
It’s a real dream to see how our seeds arrive and grow in places as remote as the Rapanui Island.

The first strains of Eva Seeds:

Our first strains was created starting from seeds, genetics and crossing from plants from all around the world, to get really special strains.

There are genetics that we offered for the first time 15 years ago and that still with us today and continue to give many joys around the world, such as Missing In Barcelona, ​​High Level or Monster.

Others like Papa’s Candy or White Dragon passed to a better life to make way for other creations and today they are part of our memories and of many cultivators.

cannabis california
Seeds from Eva Seeds growing in California. Isn’t it a real beauty?

Fast flowering strains, one of the specialities of Eva Seeds:

All the cannabis growers love to grow it, but certainly, sooner you have the harvest, sooner you can enjoy it.

Usually, cannabis strains have a flowering time around the 60 days or more, and sativas around 80 days and more.

But not all the cannabis strains have this time of flowering, it exist with less than 60 days of flowering, with which avoid the rainy season, harvesting before the bad weather arrives.

This is one of main reasons because Eva Seeds start to specialize in creation of fast flowering strains.

When you grow them in indoor, this strains can be harvest with 2 months and a half from seed. For example, growing Jamaican Dream in indoor, you need to must provide around 30 days in growing phase (18h light) + 45 days of flowering with 12h light = 75 days of total crop.

You need to think that, photoperiodic cannabis strains, offer more production and quality than autoflower genetics. So if you want to grow in indoor, don’t think more: if you want fast crops with quality, use strains with short flowering.

quick cannabis
Fast flowering cannabis strains are ideal for avoiding the rainy season at outdoors and for growing crops in about 2 months and a half in indoors.

Jamaican Dream:

The Jamaican Dream strain is undoubtedly one of the most famous Eva Seeds’ strains. This Sativa strain makes those who grow it or try it fall in love with her.

This genetics obtained from Jamaica and selected in Spain creates a great production of compact buds with a powerful stimulating and creative effect.

The most surprising, in just 42-45 days of flowering (after the growing phase).

Eva Seeds had previously seen wide acceptance for fast flowering strains (with Papa’s Candy), but Jamaican Dream was undoubtedly a turning point when looking for and hybridizing high-quality, short-flowering strains.

Jamaican Dream has also been used to create other fantastic strains like Black Dream or Jamaican Dream CBD.

jamaican dream eva seeds
Jamaican Dream seeds offer great productions of compact buds in just 45 days of flowering. In the picture, a grower from EC Gardens happy with her Jamaican Dream indoor grown.

Furious Candy:

Following the legacy of the legendary genetics Papa’s Candy, Furious Candy arrived.

This exotic strain is born from the cross between two true cannabinoid factories, Papa’s Candy and White Shark.

The result could not be another: strong plants that creates very compact buds and completely covered in resin in just 45-50 days of flowering.

The appearance of the dried flower are really bright.

Its aroma is surely one of its most striking characteristics. It has a fresh and intense smell and flavor of strawberry chewing gum with earthy touches.

It has a relaxing and pleasant effect.

sweet cannabis
Furious Candy seeds offer very resinous and compact buds of an intense sweet aroma with earthy touches. Its effect is powerful, relaxing and pleasant.

Black Dream:

Later, the Eva Seeds breeding team create two other fast-flowering genetics: Black Dream and Furious Candy, the result were awesome.

Born from the cross between the famous Jamaican Dream and the powerful Black Domina, Black Dream is a super productive and stable hybrid with a short flowering period.

This strain, really easy to grow, creates very large, dense and resinous buds in just 45-55 days of flowering (after the growing phase).

Like Jamaican Dream, this strain is usually used to make big crops, because is fast, stable, productive and with high quality, make it perfect for producers.

black dream eva seeds
Black Dream seeds offer strong, stable, productive and powerful plants. This hybrid of Jamaican Dream and Black Domina is ideal for big crops, due to her fast flowering and high yield.

Gorilla Candy:

The american influence when choosing cannabis strains is now a reality.

The american companies make really famouse some strains thanks to their legal market, that let to all the people try it making a travel and visiting cannabis dispensaries or also in social media in pictures and videos shared by this companies.

So today, strains as Gorilla Glue become worldwide famous in a short time and we can’t let to work with some of this really appreciated genetics, offering as always our personal & distinctive touch.

That’s how some strains as Gorilla Candy born.

The already famous Gorilla Candy is an awesome hybrid between the incredible Gorilla Glue 4 and Papa’s Candy.

The result can’t be other, a strain super rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

This genetics offer plants with strong and fast growing. During the flowering phase it create a great yield.

Her buds are shine like diamonds and solid as rocks.

Its flowers has an aroma that you can’t stop to smell: intense, fresh, sweet as strawberry bubblegum with hints of coffee.

One of the newest strains from our catalogue that we are more happy and proud of it, so the answer that we have in most of cases are “the best Gorilla that I taste”.

gorilla strain
Gorilla Candy seeds create stron plants that create a greate amount of large, compact and resinous buds during flowering. Its high level of cannabinoids and terpenes make it a true gem.

Lemon King:

Did you think we could not create another strain with a stimulating effect and a short flowering as Jamaican Dream?

Well, we have the pleasure to show you Lemon King, an incredible genetics that promises to reach as or higher than Jamaican Dream.

This strain originates from the cross between Space Bomb and Critical Swiss.

The result, a super complete strain: high production, fast flowering, high THC, intense aroma and powerful effect.

It has a really fast and branched growth that during flowering results in a multitude of dense and very resinous buds throughout the plant.

Its buds give off an intense citrus and fresh aroma with hints of spices and incense. The flavor is very long-lasting, citrus lemon-like with spicy notes.

Lemon King flowers and extracts have a powerful, stimulating, fun, sociable and creative effect.

Ideal for to enjoy with friends and to improve mood.

lemon king eva seeds
Lemon King seeds create plants with fast growth and very branched.
It form compact and resinous buds with an intense citrus and spicy aroma in just 48-53 days of flowering.

CBD has arrived to Eva Seeds.

As it could not be otherwise and fulfilling a logical demand from consumers, who ask for cannabis with high medicinal value and low psychoactive level, Eva Seds offers its own line of CBD seeds.

In this category you will find strains with different proportions of THC and CBD, but all with a high content of the non-psychoactive component, CBD (Cannabidiol).

From strains with high CBD and less than 1% THC, such as the Only CBD, to strains balanced in cannabinoids such as TNT Kush CBD (with approximately 10% THC and 10% CBD) and Jamaican Dream CBD, with double CBD than THC.

CBD stimulates the natural response to situations of stress, anxiety, pain and some diseases according to many studies and clinical trials around the world, and is used as medical marijuana in countries where marijuana for recreational purposes is not yet legal, such as England. .

In addition, CBD “masks” the psychoactive effect of THC, so depending on the THC: CBD ratio you will receive a more lucid or more psychoactive effect.

This great demand for CBD products has led to the creation of a many companies that offer CBD flowers or other derivatives, especially in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

cbd products
Eva Seeds’ catalog of CBD seeds offers strains with different proportions of THC and CBD, but all of them with a high content of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid of great medicinal value, CBD (Cannabidiol).

New generations of Eva Seeds:

Our seed bank has seen a few breeders and growers born and grow, some of whom are still with us and others have gone their own way.

But this story that started many years ago is also transmitted to the new generations, who have spent years working to make this great dream something bigger and bigger.

And it seems that the new generations of Eva Seeds has many things to contribute. One of the first visible contributions, the creation of Gipsy Haze.

This hybrid of Sativa dominance, was born with the aim of offering strain with Haze aromatic profile, retaining its characteristic stimulating effect, but easy to grow and with much shorter flowering time than usual.

The experience that our CEO has managed to transmit, are vital when creating a young breeding team with high experience and knowledge.

This sum of generations is allowing authentic jewels such as Gorilla Candy, Lemon King and others that will come.

So now you know, no matter how many years pass, we never stop creating, growing and learning, all in order to offer the most special and original genetics that we are proud to create to share with you.

Our future:

Eva Seeds’ research, development and innovation (R+D+I) team never stops. As creators also of the company Cali Terpenes, dedicated mainly to the production of cannabis aromas (terpene profiles), we are aware of the great versatility and possibilities of cannabis, and how much we still have to discover. That is why we will never stop asking ourselves questions and finding answers.

There are many things that we have learned about this plant during these years, but this has only just begun, the road doesn’t end, and we want you to continue with you, will see where it takes us.

Eva Seeds,

15 years growing with you, and for many more!

buy seeds
Eva Seeds aims to offer very special, stable and affordable strains. Choose yours and… enjoy!


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