The Gipsy Haze marijuana strain was created with the aim of contributing a Haze genetics with a flowering faster than usual.

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The new Eva Seeds generations created this magnificent strain which is the product of the cross between  Jack Herer x Black DominaSpace Bomb, with the aim of creating a very aromatic, tasty, productive and stable plant. Gipsy Haze it’s available in feminized seeds format.

Gipsy Haze by Eva Seeds
Gipsy Haze by Eva Seeds

Gipsy Haze has a fast growthvigorous, provided and robust, forming many branches packed with buds in a short period of time.  It has an elegant and robust structure, forming large thin leaves. Very resistant to unfavourable temperatures (especially heat). Responds well to FIM and apical pruning as well as to SOG and SCroG crops.

It easily adapts to all types of growing (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) and media (soil, coco, hydro,…), with medium nutritional needs both for growth and flowering, and can withstand high nutrition without any problems.

During the flowering stage it forms very resinous and dense buds  with an intense lime-type citric aroma with incense and mango-type fruity tones. Due to its high concentration of cannabinoids and its exotic combination of terpenes, it is ideal for high-quality resin extractions.

Gipsy Haze from Eva Seeds
Gipsy Haze from Eva Seeds

It is also notable for its lime-lemon type citric flavour with tones of incense and mango. When consumed, Gipsy Haze releases an intense incensed aroma that quickly fills the entire room.

It has a very powerful, energetic and funny effect, ideal for get-togethers with friends. It is also used as medical marijuana to relieve some pains and lift the mood.

Indoor growing of Gipsy Haze:

Gipsy Haze can be harvested after 60-65 days of flowering after the appropriate growth. We recommend you provide a height of approximately 35-45cm when time cycle change to start the flowering (12h light and 12h darkness) and end the flowering with plants of around 75-110 cm.

Gipsy Haze flowering in indoor
Gipsy Haze flowering in indoor

If you start the growing from the seed we recommend you plant 9 per square meter,  if you are going to use definitive pots of 7L, or 6 plants per meter if you use pots of 11L.

It yields around 500-600 grams per square meter depending on the media and growing conditions.

Outdoor growing of Gipsy Haze:

Gipsy Haze shows its great vigour especially outdoors, reaching a height of around 1.8-3 meters at the end of the cycle, with yields between 500gr and 1kg per plant depending on the media and size of the container.

North hemisphere:

The sowing time is between March-June to harvest around the 5-15 October.

South hemisphere:

The sowing time is between September-December to harvest around the 5-15 April.

Gipsy Haze at oudoor
Gipsy Haze at oudoor

*It can be grown out of season whenever the environmental conditions enables so and always taking into consideration the hours of light, as this is a light-dependant feminized strain.


THC: Very high (18-22%)

CBD: Low



  • 2nd Prize – Oil Hunters Brutal Cup 2015 – Mechanic extracts category
  • 1st Prize – Copa Cannaval 2015 – Resin category
  • 1st Prize – Copa Cannaval 2017 – Professional category
  • 3rd – Copa Litoral de los Poetas 2017 – Solventless extracts category
  • 3rd– Copa Secreta Chile 2017 – Outdoor category
Gipsy Haze dry bud
Gipsy Haze dry bud