The Monster marijuana strain was created with the aim of offering a easy to grow and very productive strain.

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To obtain the Monster strainEva Seeds crossed the famous G13 Hash Plant with a South American hybrid (Mexico/Colombia/Meao Thai/Uzbekistan). Available in feminized seeds format.

Monster by Eva Seeds
Monster by Eva Seeds

The result is a branched and robust growing plant, forming many branches full of buds and large leaves. Very resistant to adverse conditions, fungi and plagues. It has an elongated and wide structure. It responds well to FIM and apical pruning as well as to SOG and SCroG crops.

During the flowering phase it forms a high production of very large buds of an intense spiced aroma with touches of oak wood. It tends to form a large central bud surrounded by strong side branches.

Monster growing at outdoors
Monster growing at outdoors

It has a flavour of dry resin, species and fine wood. It has a stimulating and funny effect, rather bearable for user with high tolerance to THC. Ideal for daily use, gatherings with friends and to stimulate the artistic creation. Used as medicinal marijuana to lift the mood.

It easily adapts to all types of growing (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) and media (soil, coco, hydro,…), with minimum nutritional needs, although it appreciates and withstands medium and high nutrition.

Indoor growing of Monster:

Monster can be harvested after 65-70 days of flowering after the appropriate growth.

We recommend you provide a height of approximately 50-60 cm when time cycle change to start the flowering (12h light and 12h darkness) and end the flowering with plants of around 100-120 cm.

Monster seeds flowering in indoor crop
Monste seeds flowering in indoor crop

If you start the growing from the seed we recommend you plant 9 per square meter, if you are going to use definitive pots of 7L, or 6 plants per meter if you use pots of 11L.

It yields around 500 grams – 1 Kilo per square meter depending on the media and growing conditions.

Outdoor growing of Monster:

Monster adapts to all types of growing, showing all its splendour in outdoor growing, forming large plant with amazing productions.

It reaches heights of between 2-4 metres at the end of the cycle, with productions between 1-2.8 kg per plant depending on the medium and size of the container.

North hemisphere:

The sowing time is between March-June to harvest around the 15 October.

South hemisphere:

The sowing time is between September-January to harvest around the 15 April.

Monster seed flowering at outdoors
Monster seed flowering at outdoors

*It can be grown out of season whenever the environmental conditions enables so and always taking into consideration the hours of light, as this is a light-dependant feminized strain.


THC: Medium (14-17%) CBD: Low



  • 1st Prize – Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2009 – Resin category