The marijuana strain Only CBD, born from the selection in search of a really CBD rich strain, with minimum content of THC.

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The result, a cannabis strain considered as medicinal marijuanam for its THC:CBD 1:20 ratio, that offer to the consumer the possibility to take benefit of the CBD properties in high proportions and a non-psychoactive cannabis with great medicinal value.

Only CBD seeds
Only CBD seeds have a high CBD level and a low THC level, offering a lucid and creative non-psychoactive effect

This strain with high CBD is used to create another CBD rich strains as Jamaican Dream CBD or TNT Kush CBD. Only CBD is offered is feminized seeds format.

Only CBD grows robust and proportionate, creating strong branches full of sprouts. It works perfectly with prunings such as FIM or apical, Sea of Green (SOG) or SCROG.

During the flowering phase it creates a great quantity of really compact and resinous buds with an intense and citrus aroma. Very short internodal space

It has a lucid, creative and non-psychoactive effect. Clear body and mind

Only CBD seeds
During the flowering stage it forms a great amount of very compact and resinous buds with an intense citrus aroma. Very short internodal spaces.

It grows easily in all type of crops (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) and media (soil, coco, hydro,…) with medium nutritional needs in growing and also during flowering phase, being able to withstand high amountss of nutrients.

Only CBD in indoor:

Only CBD has a  flowering time of only 50-55 days, after the growing phase, will be enough to get a CBD rich high quality marijuana.

We recommend to provide a heigh around 35-50cm before changing the photoperiod to start the flowering (12h light 12 hours dark) to finish the flowering with plants of 70-80cm.

Our recommendation is to grow 9 plants per square meter if you use final pots of 11L, around 12 if you use pots of 7L.

It produce around 450-500 grams per square meter depending of media and conditions of the crop.

Only CBD at outdoors:

Only CBD has a proportioned growing, creating weigh and heigh plants that can reach up to 2 meters depending of the sowing time.

It produce around 500 grams – 1 kg per plant depending of the time of growing, size of media and conditions received.

North Hemisphere:

The sowing time is from March to June, to harvest around October 1-15th.

South Hemisphere:

The sowing time is from September-October, to harvest around April 1-15th.

cbd rich strain
Only CBD is the strain with highest CBD from the Eva Seeds catalog.

*It can be grown when the environmental conditions allow it and always keeping in mind the hours of light that you can have, so it’s a feminized photodependent strain.


THC: <1% CBD: 12-16%

cbd cannabis seeds
Enjoy the benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) thanks to CBD seeds from Eva Seeds