HOW TO GERMINATE MARIJUANA SEEDS:How to germinate marijuana seedsGermination of marijuana seeds

To ensure a correct germination of your marijuana seeds we recommend:

  • To germinate the seeds among damp paper serviettes (not soaked). Wring the serviettes to drain the remaining water.
  • Place the germinator in the following way:


  • The temperature, both of the water that you are going to wet the serviettes with and of the atmosphere in which you have the germinator must be higher than +20ºC.
  • Open the germinator every day to observe the state of the seeds, renew the air to provide oxygen and spray the serviettes with water in the case their humidity has decreased.
  • Once the seed opens and you can see at least 0.5 cm of the root, transplant carefully trying not to damage the root or the cotyledons. It is highly recommended to transplant to a pot no bigger than 0.4L, transplant again as it grows and becomes too big for the first pot.
  • It is highly recommended to apply a root stimulant (in the irrigation water) in each transplantation and during the first weeks of plant's growth.
  • Very important to use aired (not compact) quality substrate to facilitate the growth of the roots.

Germinated marijuana seedsYoung marijuana seed