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Eva Seeds is a marijuana seeds bank with headquarters in Spain, creator and producer of its own genetics and seeds.

We do not sell seeds of our genetics to other banks, nor do we buy seeds from other banks, therefore our seeds can only be found under the brand Eva Seeds.

We do not do self-flowering varieties. We consider that there are already many banks offering this product and we prefer to continue to be a bank known for its quality varieties, and that is why we decided not to work on them to work hard to achieve fast-flowering photo-dependant genetics.

Our short-flowering varieties are due to the work of selecting our varieties, without crossing with Ruderalis or self-flowering. It has nothing to do with the process of the Fast Version in the market, which is crossed with Ruderalis (the plant which provides the self-flowering gene). Therefore our seeds are fast-flowering photo-dependant feminised varieties, yet they are not Fast Version or self-flowering.

Our seeds are not sold in bulk (outside their original packet). The problem of the bulk seeds is that they are usually copies of the original, and therefore the brands and variety names are discredited and it takes advantage of the banks that are actually producers and that dedicate a lot of time to the task of selecting to be able to offer new flavours, yields and effects.   In addition, and above all, as they come without the original package it is very difficult to know the origin of the bulk seeds, and you risk the harvest, time and money.

We do not sell by the unit. Although we know that it is a format requested, we consider that it is the task of the Grow Shop worker, to teach the grower and make him understand that a genetics can not be valued with one single specimen. Don't risk it all on one single card!

Request your EVA SEEDS catalogues, when placing your order with the distributor. We print in Spain and Chile and they should always be available for you. If not, and your distributor does not have any, contact us to fix the situation.

On our website evaseeds.com, you can order seeds, merchandising, catalogues, change your details such as point of sale, download the official photos of our varieties in high resolution and consult all the Eva Seeds distributors in the world.

You can resolve queries sending an email to info@evaseeds.com (Eva Seeds Europe) or to mauro@evaseeds.com (Eva Seeds Chile).

This year we will be offering other great surprises that we are willing to show you.

Grow original, grow quality, grow Eva Seeds.

High quality marijuana seeds:

  • Hand selected, according to their weight and appearance under strict hygiene measures.
  • Kept in optimum conditions, for an ideal faulty-free preservation.
  • Exhaustive germination tests. Numerous germination tests are performed of each seed producing plant, to guarantee a complete success in the germination.
  • 100% organic crops. Our crops are treated with 100% organic certified nutrients.